Monday, November 7, 2011

I feel so blessed!

This morning, after barely four hours of sleep, I was trying to wake up and find the strenght to get up and start my day. I was so tired cause I worked late /early yesterday. But God who help the one who help themselves decided to give me a little push. I had Zee calling me after my alarm rang, no matter how sleepy I was when I took the phone, he was motivating me to get things done. __ Eyes closed__ Then, an other alarm, still in my bed... __ Eyes closed again...__ My phone rang again, that was my Dad. He wanted to check on me because he had a break. OMG! He's usually super busy in the morning especially, and he is always calling after his day of work. Then after all those person who were caring for me, how can I don't want to get up with a smile on my face? I feel so blessed! I am so thankfull to start my day on such a blessed path to have a good day and be efficient! I love it! I love life! I love waking up happy!

Have an awesome day like me by helping yourself and others will help you even more.
It's a new day, just take a look and you'll see you will be blessed too.

Love and Happiness,
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