Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lucky me, I met Kandee Johnson!!!

 As I say in my previous post, I was not even daring to dream of meeting her in person someday. And this day happened today. Somehow i keep thinking this is a sign, some sort of good luck. Why? Because, I started this blog two years ago, and I barely did two posts. I actually had no time with school, and I was being too severe with myself to even let me write something.  And when, from out of nowhere, I decide to write back here, I just find out that I have the chance of meeting Kandee: THE blogger for me, because she is way more than just a make-up artist. 

She brings hope, love and positive ideas via her blog. She is the best supportive blogger I have ever read (and met now ;) ). And let me tell you that is true! In real life she is an amazing person. She sooo available for everyone. By everyone, i really mean EVERYONE: Her “fans”, she was so nice to everybody, cheat chat with all of us, the Levi’s team, that was asking her a lot (she had to do some shots in front of two or three cameras), and as a good mother, she took time of caring for her two girls that came here with her mother in SF, between two shots. Kandee is completly multitasking, with grace! 

And for that, Kandee, we thank you!

"I thank you also Kandee for being there, available, sympathetic and very smiling (like in your videos). I appreciated that you encouraging me for my blog, for thinking that I look like a model (lol, thanks), you are soo pretty too! You are a beautiful human being, you deserve what is happening now (I mean the good things) and I wish you a lot more good things in your life.
You are a model or a very inspiring person for a lot of people that know you through your blogs, or videos. You are not lying to your readers by saying that’s easy. Life can be hard sometimes, but you teach us to always have faith and believe in who we are really."

So the people, who read that, and have no idea who is Kandee might think that i am obsessed with her or crazy about her. This is not the case. Haha! Even my boyfriend Zee, who nicely came with me, was like :” You’re like a stalker!” while i was waiting to talk to her...  
But Kandee is just someone that I really appreciate (as you saw) from being who she is. I just use this tribune to share that we you, and letting her know my thoughts, because I never wrote to her or comment on her blog. And for the one who know her, I am sure that they know that I am not crazy...! ;)) We just love you Kandee!

Talking about that, there was a lot of girls today with super cute and well done make-up. I wish we could see that more often! (again, thanks Kandee!). I also saw how Kandee with her great sense of fashion has inspired us. 
Here is some hotly inspired shots! 

Kandee inspiration: Zebra and Leopard print, cute bow ring, and feather in the hair and earing
Comme je le disais dans mon post précédent, je n'étais même pas osé rêver de la rencontrer en personne un jour. Et ce jour est arrivé aujourd'hui. Quelque part, je continue à penser que c'est un signe, une sorte de bonne augure. Pourquoi? Parce que, j'ai commencé ce blog deux ans auparavant, et j'ai à peine écrit deux messages. En fait, je n'avais pas le temps avec l'école, et j'ai été trop sévère avec moi-même au point de m’auto-censurer. Et quand, juste comme ça, je me décide à écrire de nouveau ici, je découvre que j'ai la chance de rencontrer Kandee: “ZE” blogueuse pour moi, parce qu'elle est bien plus qu'un e simple make-up artist.
Elle apporte de l'espoir, de l'amour et des idées positives via son blog. Elle est la meilleure blogueuse qui apporte du soutien que j'ai jamais lu (ou rencontré aujourd'hui;)). Et laissez-moi vous dire que c'est vrai! Dans la vraie vie, elle est une personne extraordinaire. Elle troop disponible pour tout le monde. Par tout le monde, je veux vraiment dire TOUT LE MONDE: Ses "fans", elle a été si gentille avec tout le monde, a discuté avec chacun d'entre nous, l'équipe de Levi's, qui lui en demandait beaucoup (elle avait à faire quelques prises de vue en face de deux ou trois caméras), et comme c’est une bonne mère, elle a pris le temps de s'occuper de ses deux filles qui sont venues ici avec sa mère à SF, entre deux prises de vues. Kandee est complètement multitâche, avec grâce!
Et pour ça, Kandee, nous te remercions!
“Je te remercie également Kandee d'être là, disponible, sympathique et très souriante (comme dans vos vidéos). J'ai apprécié que tu m’ encourage pour mon blog, et de penser que je ressemble à un mannequin (lol, merci), tu es trop belle aussi! Tu es une belle personne à l’intérieur, tu mérites ce qui se passe maintenant (je veux dire les bonnes choses) et je te souhaite encore plus de bonnes choses dans ta vie.
Tu es un modèle ou une inspiration pour tous ceux qui te connaissent à travers tes blogs, ou tes vidéos. Tu ne ment pas à tes lecteurs en disant que c'est facile. La vie peut être difficile parfois, mais tu nous apprends à toujours avoir la foi et croire en qui nous sommes vraiment.”
Ainsi, les personnes, qui lisent cela, et n'ont aucune idée de qui est Kandee pourraient penser que je suis obsédée par elle ou folle d'elle. Ce n'est pas le cas. Kandee est juste quelqu'un que j'apprécie vraiment (comme vous avez vu) d'être qui elle est. J’utilise cette tribune pour partager ça avec vous, et lui laissez connaitre mes pensées, car je ne lui ai jamais écrit ou laissé un commentaire sur son blog. Et pour ceux qui la connaisse, je suis sûre qu'ils savent que je ne suis pas folle ...! ;))
A propos de ça, il y avait beaucoup de filles d'aujourd'huiqui portait de super maquillage bien fait. Ca serait bien d’en voir plus souvent! (Encore une fois, merci Kandee!). J'ai vu aussi comment,avec son grand sens de la mode, Kandee nous a inspirés.
Voici quelques clichés bien inspirés!


  1. Perfect post, I also like Kandee and like her attitude and sooo positive way of thinking :))) Thanx to her I found your blog, happy for that :) have a great day!

  2. Kandee sent me to your blog! So happy you had the opportunity to meet her! She's so inspiring. You're so lucky!! BTW you do look like a model! :) Hope you had a blast! Take care!

  3. I read your post after Kandee linked it in her blog. :) What beautiful pictures of everyone, I wish there was a Levi's near me that I could've gone to yesterday to join the fun :( P.S. Where did you get your leather jacket? I love your outfit!

  4. great post, i hope to one day meet Kandee, too. And you are adorable!

  5. I'm so happy for you!!! I got to met her to last December and you described her just right!
    Greetings from Amsterdam

  6. I agree with you, I met her in Miami at her Glaminar. She was pregnant,about 8-9hrs into the day and stood and waited to meet everyone. She did not give it 10% she gave it her all to everyone.

    Nice to meet you as well, she is right you do look like a model :)

  7. Great POst! I love Kandee as well. She is so happ and positive!

  8. love kandee too! glad you got to meet her! :-)

  9. That was a fun event! Kandee is great, I was able to make it at the end and meet her, she was so nice. Nice post.
    XO Dale

    Just started a blog in San Francisco and I'm having a giveaway if you have time:

  10. To all of you: thank you so much to visit my blog and for your very nice comments. It moved me :)
    To Judy, Thanks! I got my leather jacket around 10 years ago (what!!! already...) in a thrift store. Amazing piece, i love it, it's timeless... i guess! lol
    To Dale: I'm glad you make it for meeting Kandee. And i checked your blog, looks cool ;)

  11. Salut Ora!

    How come you write in English??? Je me permets de te poser la question parce que je fais la même chose!! I tried to answer that question for myself in my post "why do I write in English"...

    (check my blog if you want:

    I like Kandee very much too, she is so much fun! I am happy for you that you got to meet her!

    But you should write more, your blog is nice...

  12. Great post! Kandee is also my favorite and through her link I found your nice blog. Keep going.

  13. Anabelle Tess et Antonia, this is very nice of you to post comments and thank you so much for having stop by this place! I'm glad you like this blog! Hope to see you here often! Everyone seems to be in a beautiful spirit!


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